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Solana Horse Race

All information about Solana Horse Race Project on Solana

NFT Project Description:

Meet ‘Solana Horse Race’ – P2E Game with Passive income. Only 2,222 NFTs, each one will make you the richest rider ever! Our mission is to create an honest, strong community that collectively chooses new paths of growth. The game developed by our team will allow you to become a hero and an example for everyone, because one of the big parts of our project is charity, and the opportunity of passive income will only strengthen this part. Together we can make the world a better place! NFT collection is access to an upcoming game where your NFT horses can challenge other players! Or maybe you’ll want to rent out your horse and take a break! The choice is yours! Your winning horse is already waiting for you!

NFT Project Details :

 Discord : +> 4,000  Members
 Twiter : +> 4,420 Followers

 Mint Price: 0.75 SOL

 Supply: 4000  NFTs

 WebSite: LINK