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Heroes of Murakami NFT

All information about Heroes of Murakami NFT Project on Solana

NFT Project Description:

Heroes of Murakami are 999 Solana genesis heroes building innovation through community.Each murakimi hero has a long way of a warrior behind him. Everyone is destined to go through this. But together they can do it! They used to fly on dragons, but now they fly on electric cars! Heroes of Murakami is an Solana based project dedicated to creating a community where we innovate, share and thrive. This is more than just art, this is your ticket into our community.

NFT Project Details :

 Discord : +> 1.2K  Members
 Twiter : +> 3.3K Followers

 Mint Price: 0.09 SOL

 Supply: 999  NFTs

 WebSite: LINK