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Goblin Raid

All information about Goblin Raid Project on Solana

NFT Project Description:

Goblin raid is a Collection of 2000 blue-chip NFTs that serve as a membership key in the Goblin raid DAO. Our mission is to generate revenue through Decentralized Application Developments and offering a Decentralised software as a Service to other emerging projects. 30% of fees from all our DAPPs goes to our community treasury and staking pool. NFTs are no more all about the art, but investment. So we provide you with a utility packed Project. These are just 10 reasons why you need to Join The Goblin Raid Project! ⇢ The next Blue Chip NFT project! ⇢ DAO, Community Treasury, Funding from 70% royalty and Passive Pad System DAPPs! ⇢ Advance NFT Staking and Breeding! ⇢ Passive Pad System! ( A user interface for facilitating Passive Income from Launchpad, Staking, Delegating, Coinflip, Crash, NFT airdrops and Goblin Tower Defence P2E)! ⇢ Passive income when staking your Goblin Raids (GR) NFT! ⇢ Passive income From multiple Applications sources! ⇢ Liquidity Token and Utility Token! ⇢ Future Collection Free Mint – As a holder of GR NFT! ⇢ P2E – Play to Earn Tower Defence game! ⇢ Cross-chain NFT Airdrop!

NFT Project Details :

 Discord : +> 1500  Members
 Twiter : +> 500 Followers

 Mint Price: 0.6 SOL

 Supply: 2000  NFTs

 WebSite: LINK