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Fractionalized investment DAO

-Fractralized investing offers the opportunity to own a % of a NFT, by owning a fraction of a NFT you still unlock the same Return Of Investment as the project grows and succeeds. Similarly, by holding a share of a NFT it hedges your investment risk by purchasing into a well established NFT with good foundations. In conjunction, the OpenMinds DAO would offer a diversified NFT portfolio to help further reduce risk.

Community factions with tasks and rewards

-Each faction will elect a leader to represent their corresponding project and to provide crucial leadership in house games. Each faction will serve an integral role for creating value within the community in parallel.

Future profit share with Bleak Valley businesses

-Bleak Valley’s long term goal for Open Minds is to create a self sustaining NFT ecosystem where the revenue generated by assets will be used to grow and reward holders. And there are a lot of promising options for us to pursue, the DAO will be incorporated in the decision making process for our business venture plans.

Bleak Valley is here to set the standard for honesty, trust and education within the NFT industry

OpenMinds is dedicated to teaching others about how to invest both safely and effectively both into NFTs but also for other markets/opportunities. With a fully doxxed team and an amazing community, Bleak Valley offers individuals a perfect chance to surround themselves with like minded investors who are kind and friendly

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